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Meet William

School: Ro Tumba Village
Favorite Subject: Social Studies
What do you want to become? Ship Captain
What do you do in your free time? I do my domestic work (fetching water), then I go playing football or fishing, then I study before sleeping.


Tumba Primary School - Old and New

Tumba is a small costal village in the Port Loko District and Koya Chiefdom in Sierra Leone, which was founded in the 1820s by a farmer named Daddy Dove. After a few years, some Portuguese fishermen anchored and also settled in Tumba. The Portuguese built clay block houses for dwelling anda community school. Other families moved into the community so that their children could have access to the school. After the Portuguese left Tumba, the school became dilapidated and non-functional, and many of the inhabitants left the village and moved to others communities. Read more about 2012 Tumba Primary School Project