Promoting education in Sierra Leone as a pathway out of poverty and toward better well-being.

27,000 Books Distributed Countrywide

Truck filled with books for distribution

Many students in Sierra Leone lack access to essential and up-to-date textbooks for their academic studies. As a result, many students struggle to locate important materials or wait for weeks or months to access prescribed textbooks. This common lack of access causes many students to get behind in their studies.

Through Education for HOPE’s Books for Libraries initiative, school libraries in Sierra Leone will be equipped with books and prescribed textbooks critical to the academic enrichment of its students. In June of 2010 approximately 27,000 books (monetary value of $15,000) were shipped to Sierra Leone through the Sierra Leon Library Board (SLLB) to be distributed to libraries countrywide. Education for Hope will continue to work with institutions across Sierra Leone to provide them with the needed prescribed books and textbooks to enrich students’ academic studies.


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