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EFH Continues its Formidable Partnership with the Sierra Leone Library (SLL)


On Wednesday, November 7, 2012, an Education for Hope delegation visited the Sierra Leone Library in Tower Hill, Freetown, and met with the Chief Librarian, Mr. Sallieu Turay and his staff. During their visit, they donated a projector, a telephone/fax machine, and some supplies. Mr. Turay expressed appreciation and thanked the EFH delegation, Board, and donors for their continued support.  He indicated that the projector was much needed and will be utilized to make presentations, and show movies in the children’s section, and also used for other functions. 

EFH Executive Director, Mr. Momodu W. Jalloh, commended Mr. Turay and his staff for their dedication and hard work in improving access to books and literature for students across the country. He was also impressed with the strides SLLB has made to renovate and stock the libraries with books and needed materials. He wowed that EFH will continue their partnership and promised to assist the library Board to secure a mobile library and other needed items. 

Projector, telephone/fax machine, and some supplies donated
Chief Librarian, Mr. Sallieu Turay and EFH Executive Director, Mr. Momodu W. Jalloh