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Sierra Leone Embassy

EFH meets with the Ambassador of Sierra Leone
On May 14, 2014, Education for Hope (EFH) Board of Directors and Management Team met with His Excellency Bockari Kortu Stevens, the Ambassador of Sierra Leone to the United States, and Mrs. Isha Sillah , the Minister Counsellor/Head of Chancery. Impressed with EFH’s integrity, Ambassador Stevens is allowing EFH to host a fundraising event at the embassy. The meeting was called to discuss the logistics of the future event – date and time, number of attendees, guidelines to planning an event at the embassy, etc.
EFH Team Meets Sierra Leone's Ambassador to the United States

On Tuesday, February 25, 2014, Education for Hope team had the great pleasure of formally meeting with the Sierra Leone Ambassador to the United States, Ambassador Bockari  Kortu Stevens. The purpose of the meeting was to inform Ambassador Stevens of EFH work and programs in Sierra Leone. Read more about EFH meets with Sierra Leone's Ambassador to the United States

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