Promoting education in Sierra Leone as a pathway out of poverty and toward better well-being.

Building and Renovating Schools

“In 2011, 57 million primary school age children were out of school.” – United Nations, Millennium Development Goals and Beyond 2015 Fact Sheet

One of the most significant barriers to education for school age children in low-income countries is access to and distribution of school buildings, particularly in the most socially and economically disadvantaged communities. Where school buildings exist, in rural and remote communities, they usually very far and have significant infrastructural limitations whereby they are in overall poor condition, built with mud bricks and thatched roof without the basic amenities such as latrines.

“The provisions of sanitary facilities such as latrines and sources of clean drinking water is a concern in Sierra Leone, with about 30 percent of schools recently surveyed having no toilet.” (IRCBP 2004.)

The implications of access to and distribution of school building and the infrastructural limitations of existing school buildings are reduced primary enrollment rates of school-aged children in remote and rural areas and increased inequity facing the most economically disadvantaged.

In Sierra Leone, households in rural communities have lower school enrollment rates compared to their urban counterparts at all age levels. 

Enrollment Rates by Age and Urban/Rural Locality

The overall objective of this program is to expand access to and improve the infrastructure of school buildings in those communities most in need in Sierra Leone, through renovation and construction of school buildings.

Sierra Leone is a country at a crossroads, and Education for Hope is working in cooperation with governmental and non-governmental entities to continuously form new partnerships with interested communities to provide the material necessary to increase access to and improve the infrastructure of school buildings.

Kadiatu Kargbo

Education for Hope’s Executive Director, Momodu Jalloh, traveled to Sierra Leone in April to monitor the implementation of our programs and explored other areas in which our organization could create an impact.

Work has resumed and a lot of progress has been made on the Three Communities Primary School project, which is currently at the roofing level. Also, there are currently 120 plus children enrolled in the RoTumba Primary School, class one to class six. The head teacher indicated that the children are doing extremely well given their situation and condition of learning. Read more about Progress in Sierra Leone

Three Communities School in progress

Education for Hope would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to our donors and supporters who donated to our recent Indiegogo campaign – The Three Communities Elementary School Project.  We did not meet our goal, but we were able to raise approximately $2,000.00 online and offline.

This donation will enable us to resume the project and take us closer to give the children of Rogbomtama the opportunity to go to school for the first time to learn how to read and write. Read more about Thank you

Women and children of Mabane, Manama, and Rogbantama welcome EFH Team

On Saturday, December 15, 2013, EFH broke ground on the Three Communities Primary School project. It was very exciting to see the elders, men, women, and children who showed up and participated in this ground-breaking event—a total community effort. The women fetched and carried water and the men were actively involved in mixing and carrying concrete, sticks, stones, and cement, and laying out the foundation, while the elders assisted in many ways—preparing food and serving drinking water to the workers. Read more about The Three Communities Primary School Project

EFH continues to support the Tumba Primary School, its first constructed school. There has been an increase in enrollment since the school was completed, and children from surrounding villages also attend the school.

On Thursday, December 12, 2013, EFH donated sport packs each containing a dictionary, notebooks, and pencils to the 68 pupils and 3 teachers of the Tumba Primary School. The donation was well received and appreciated by the community. The EFH team informed the community elders that they need to continue to support the school and the teachers.  Read more about Tumba Primary School

EFH presented its 2012 Annual Report and dictionaries to SLANGO Coordinator

SLANGO is the governing body of all Non-Governmental Organizations in Sierra Leone, and EFH has fulfilled all the registration requirements and is now a registered and certified nonprofit organization in Sierra Leone. Therefore, EFH is certified to perform work in health and educational sectors in Sierra Leone.

On December 2, 2013, the EFH management team presented its 2012 annual report and donated dictionaries to the Director of SLANGO, Ms. Shellac Davies, at their headquarters in Tenbegh Town, Freetown.  Read more about Sierra Leone Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (SLANGO)

Child unpacking a dictionary

The donated dictionaries and school supplies are en route to Sierra Leone.

Education for Hope, Sierra Leone, will donate a majority of the dictionaries to the Sierra Leone Library Board to be distributed to libraries across the country, making them easily accessible to all. The school supplies will be distributed to primary school children of various schools.

Many thank yous to our donors and supporters for your continued support of our mission. Individuals like you make it possible to give to the children of sub-Saharan Africa. Read more about Dictionaries and School Supplies are on Their Way

Featured Projects

Kelly Vocational School
The Kelly Rural Vocational Agricultural Secondary School in Hastings, Sierra Leone approached Education for Hope for assistance to build a fence around the school perimeter to prevent burglary and vandalism of its properties and assets. The school toilet facility is being used by unwelcome guests and people from the neighboring communities, leaving it filthy and destroying its components. Over the years, the school has faced multiple break-ins, resulting in property damage and loss of valuable educational resources.
Children of Rogbomtama Village

This Fall we will kick off Phase 1 of the Rogbomtama, Mabene, and Mamama primary school project to construct
a nine-room structure with six-room toilet stalls. The structure will have six classrooms, an office, a library,
and a storage facility. Read more about Three Communities (Rogbomtama, Mabene and Manama) Primary School Project

Tumba Primary School - Old and New

Tumba is a small costal village in the Port Loko District and Koya Chiefdom in Sierra Leone, which was founded in the 1820s by a farmer named Daddy Dove. After a few years, some Portuguese fishermen anchored and also settled in Tumba. The Portuguese built clay block houses for dwelling anda community school. Other families moved into the community so that their children could have access to the school. After the Portuguese left Tumba, the school became dilapidated and non-functional, and many of the inhabitants left the village and moved to others communities. Read more about 2012 Tumba Primary School Project