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Bonnie J. Jackson, MS, PT, CH, CIO

Bonnie J. Jackson

Bonnie graduated from the University of Vermont with a concentration in zoology and psychology.  She earned a Master of Science in Physical Therapy from Columbia University in New York City, and is currently a licensed Physical Therapist in Massachusetts. She has worked in many venues including nursing homes and rehab facilities. She managed the PT clinic on Otis Military Reservation on Cape Cod, as well as owning a holistic PT practice on the Cape.

Almost from the start of her career she has used hypnotic techniques to complement her PT work, particularly in the areas of pain management, anxiety, and compliance with therapy. She has received extensive training in many energy and manual techniques such as Bowen therapy, massage therapy, total motion release, Usui Reiki, EFT, NLP, and reflexology. She has a special interest in and practices frequency-specific cold laser therapy (LLLT).

Besides her certification with the National Guild of Hypnotists as a Consulting Hypnotist (CH), Bonnie has taken extensive training in smoking cessation, stress management, and weight control. She is a licensed Thinner Band™ Hypnotic Gastric Band Surgery for weight reduction practitioner. Prior to her health career, Bonnie worked in industry, tourism and conservation.