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Sierra Leone Library Board


EFH continues its partnership with the Sierra Leone Library Board (SLLB). On December 3, 2013, EFH presented the dictionaries donated by the Dictionary Project as well as fiction and nonfiction books to the Chief Librarian of the Sierra Leone Library, Mr. Salieu Turay, to seven primary schools, and to the Peace Corps. The SLLB will distribute these dictionaries to libraries across the country, the Peace Corps will give the dictionaries to their volunteers to be used in the various schools where they teach, and the primary schools will make these dictionaries accessible to their pupils.

In addition, the Chief Librarian gave the EFH management team a tour of the central library. The central library is undergoing major improvements—installation of air conditioning and localized WiFi, repainting of the entire structure, digital archiving of publications, and installation of new furniture. The EFH team was very pleased with the continuous improvement of the central library and of libraries across the country and pledged to continue its partnership and support of SLLB initiatives and projects.