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New school opened!


Education for Hope (EFH) embarked on an ambitious journey in 2013 to build a new school from the ground up, which will serve three communities where there are no schools. Because of the lack of schools, the children do not go to school, and those who are strong enough walk miles away to attend the closest school. The new school is equipped with six classrooms, an office, and a library.

The project was delayed due to the Ebola virus outbreak that restricted travel around the country.  Despite this setback, EFH is glad to announce that the Three Communities Primary School in Rogbomtama village in Sierra Leone was opened on Monday, October 1st, 2018. This school will serve as a primary and junior secondary school to 132 children enrolled in 1st grade through 6th grade and 14 students enrolled in Junior Secondary School.

Many thanks to you our donor and supporter, as without you we would not have accomplished this milestone!

With your support, we plan to complete the water well with a hand pump to provide clean water and build an eight-stall toilet for better sanitation.

Students on the first day of school at Three Communities Primary School