Promoting education in Sierra Leone as a pathway out of poverty and toward better well-being.

Education for Hope Received 40 Cases of Student Dictionaries!


Thank you so much for your generous donation of 40 cases (960 dictionaries) of student dictionaries to Education for Hope. These dictionaries will be distributed to the Tumba primary school children and the Sierra Library Board to be placed in the children sections of libraries across Sierra Leone. THEY ARE NOT FOR SALE.

Lack of educational opportunity is the primary cause of stagnant development and increased poverty within underdeveloped African nations. While many regions of the world are susceptible to hard times, children in Africa are at high risk for continued poverty and less educational opportunities; therefore, they are our organization&;s primary focus.

The Dictionary Project’s donation will support hundreds of local children in Sierra Leone and help them to harness the power of knowledge and improve literacy and communication skills. With the generous support of the Dictionary Project, we will be able to help many of these children learn to read books and also help them work toward a brighter future.

Thank you again, and we hope for your continued support.

Student dictionary
Dictionaries being unpacked
40 cases (960 dictionaries) of student dictionaries