Promoting education in Sierra Leone as a pathway out of poverty and toward better well-being.

Back to School Supplies Drive


A big thanks to you for supporting and donating to our GoFundMe Campaign “Back to School Supplies Drive” in April. These supplies will benefit approximately 212 children of RoTumba Primary School, Hope Bilingual Primary School and Hope Academy Junior Secondary School in Sierra Leone. With your support, we raised $1,225.00, surpassing our goal of $1,000.00 to purchase these school supplies.

With the funds raised, we bought 200 drawstring sport packs, boxes of crayons, notebooks, packs of erasers, packs of pencils, and pack of pens. Each drawstring sport pack was stuffed with these supplies based on student grade/class level.

We would also like to thank our volunteers who helped with stuffing each sports pack with necessary supplies. They had fun in the process of making a difference in the lives of children miles away, and we’re looking forward to their assistance with this event next year.

Because of your support of “Back to School Supplies Drive”, together we are making a difference and giving hope to the children in these communities. The children are excited to begin their educational journey.


School supplies
Volunteers packing and boxing the backpacks
Volunteers packing and boxing the backpacks
Volunteers who helped pack the backpacks